Monday, December 19, 2011

In the mountainous regions of the heart/the city lay dying..

The motions of the streets are making me sick. And the unkind and disastrous. And the people are mindless, or of no mind at all. But I can't help but see the whitewalls of the back alleys of society. The glowing gestures of but a few are forever ingrained on the complex neurons of the electrical patterns of the brain. And I tend to wander, if not incomprehensibly. The streets start to pile up with the people of the dead. as the cars do choke on themselves. And the buildings have all but raised there hands in some accordance to the closer I get to god. The perhaps better I may be.but Its getting hard for me to walk these streets anymore. As the city she gets smaller. With all the people at my feet. And the cold walls of concrete feel lonely. As I pass through this world as a ghost, a spirit, a figment of ones imagination. Walking through the disobedient walls of the structures of man, and woman alike. So another day has past, where god has not spoken, or has fallen just on deaf ears. Or maybe I have been not listening. And the end of the day seems so far away, a mass of confusion. With fits of clarity, and haze. But the world is what we make of it, or so it seems. The little patches of grass that accompany the street seem out of place now. The trees are distant, and the silence of the air is mystifying. And its time to go back home, to fall back out of this world. But the sun in the sky is beautiful, at the end of the day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

the insights are often difficult yet insightful...

from man,
and want.

like running
drunk through

above those
who gone

though can,
must go

with a delicate

and life

but love

and did so madly

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 09, 2011

stop reconciling and give up already....))

be still,

and sleep,
and after but

have, fall

but beneath
and over.

for he may love
ache, moan,
and leave like whisper.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

In the presence of such glorious minds. ( lack of #7)

In the presence of such glorious minds, how have we come, to a time as this. A desolate perversion, if there ever was one. With our once so masterful unwillingness to forgive, forget( and try as we might to not act as god)and all the air is covered in a greyish silence, the hospital seems lonely, and out of place. Downstairs I can hear the distant mumblings of death, and uncertainty. The walls crumble with the voices of the what was once past. The ground here is covered in dust, and no footprints are to be found. I am just about on the otherside of the cafeteria now. Making my way ahead to the front doors all the lights are somewhat on, trying as they might to make there way back to existence. And all the doors are closed, except the two(unusually) up ahead. As I try to get my way nervously past the first open door, something unexpectantly jumps out at me and knocks me to the floor. And I can't tell how many there may be as I punch, and kick, and elbow my way back to my feet. I find two of them, one wearing a tattered grey overcoat with the other brandishing a type of fast food/cafeteria garb. And I am a little bloody, a little bleeding, as it trickles down my face and rests on my cheekbones. So with my cane firmly in hand (and without thinking) I race towards them, tackle one against the wall as the cane merges with the torso of the other. He falls to the floor as in the corner of my eyes I elbow the other as I see him( or it)coming towards me. And with some strange natural reaction I turn around toward him and grab his head as he falls and slam it into the wall behind. So exsaperated, and as always, confused. I figure its no point in dwelling on the problem of how I might have pulled that off. Laying down my head in a sigh of relief, I move on. I am finally passing the cafeteria. And as my stomach grumbles I realize I have not had food yet in quite awhile. But I figure before hand, maybe I should see if I can update my weaponry, as high class as it might be. And with all the unorganised chaos of death, I completely forgot about the bleeding that just so happened to be just now trickling down the side of my face. I think behind me a few doors there was a closet type room for all the stuff they might need( a storage room perhaps). Finding the room unopened, unlocked, and almost as if it has been gone through before. Inside the plethora of junk is neverending, and everywhere. Is there maybe someone here with me, that I haven't seen. Another plane of existence. Or is my imagination getting the better of me. I might not even be here at all. But still sleeping on that bed upstairs.just fighting, wrestling, stuggling with myself. Inside I find a few shovels, some flashlights along with other nonsensical crap. I grab them both and maybe wouldn't mind sharpening the end of the shovel, the way I seen in some movie or tv show I can't remember the name of. But it will be fine for now. And so at that, I make my way off back to the cafeteria. In hopes of once more finding food.