Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And the monster rises. Chapter 3 - The monster walks

I am quite aways off now, and in the distance I can see him. As if I am dreaming, I keep closing my eyes hoping to wake up. I can see my building,slowly crumble, taking everything I own down with it. Coming over here I passed tanks, jeeps, and military men. Acting as they are going to war, which in a sense, I guess kinda are. I am still in the downtown core, with groups of people who are all penetrated with fear. I can see it in there eyes, mothers clutching babies, kids crying off in the distance as family's embrace each other, such love. I really don't have anybody myself, to embrace, to hold in my arms. But that's a different story. At this point I am not too sure what to do, I have been here for about half an hour, but the creature comes ever closer. So at that I remember a subway entrance just a block or two from here, maybe the deeper I go the better. I am hoping to just kind of wait it out, like the many others I see. There is not really a manual for this type of thing, even though certain movies do advise against this kind of move, I am going to take my chances. For who knows what else may be crawling out around here. Or down there for that matter, but I think this just might be best case scenario. The subway tunnels should lead us almost out of the city. The city built them years ago, as a kind of shelter as well in case of nuclear war. It was a bigger deal back then I suppose. Nowadays, we have other things to worry about. As I head to the entrance I pass a little corner store of sorts, pause for a second, and decide to see just to make sure I need anything else. I pace myself through the isles trying to catch everything, while getting myself to get out as fast as I can. I grab some batteries for the flashlight, and head to the back counter to grab a pack a cigarettes. I quit, but I think I can be pardoned, seeing as what's happening outside. To my surprise though, I find a woman crouching behind and frightened. " Miss". Slight pause for confusion. "but is everything okay. do u need any help?". She pulls back a bit, as if she has been suddenly caught of guard. " Jesus mister, you scared the hell out of me, what do u want,anyways". I shrug my shoulders and grab a pack of canadians of the shelf. " Sorry miss, but I don't think this is the best of hiding places, but I guess that's not for me to decide". As I am about to walk out I hear her voice stopping me in my tracks, with a kind of crackly tone mixed with a bout of fear. " I have a name you know". I turn around and look at her for a second. She's shorter, of sorts, maybe around 5" 5 or something. With long thick black hair that partially covers her face, she wears this black faded hoodie with what appears to be a eagle on the top left shoulder. And her jeans a faded blue with what can only be called the beginnings of holes on the right knee. Her face is somewhat covered in dirt as well as her jeans from where she was sitting behind the counter. " It appears that, you had some company lately". She smiles cautiously, almost with a sigh of relief. " It does appear, doesn't it?. My name is anthony by the way." Telling me as she begins to walk towards me, like a cautious animal. " So mister, where are you headed. A change of scenery wouldn't be, you know". She shrugs her shoulders scanning the area slightly, with a smile on her face. " The worse thing in the world". Outside the people are beginning to make there way by, as you can start to feel the ground somewhat begin to shake around us. Like a earthquake, or a tremor, that comes ever closer. " Well, I am headed out of the city, I figure the subway tunnels might be the best way right now. Why do u ask?". She is about five or so feet from me now, as the stock that still clings to the shelf start to slowly fall off. " Oh, no reason, I just thought you might need some company".

Sunday, June 17, 2012

And the monster rises. Chapter 2 - As I run in terror

I am getting close, as the monster towers before me. Its tentacles wrap around buildings and cover the streets, bathing the city as if it were its plaything. And they look to be about three stories tall, as the city is eeriely quiet. It still hasn't appeared to move for some time, I don't know, maybe its just dead. So standing beside this Thing, the complete shear awe of it washes over me. The unbelievable size is just... Monstrous. Even more so when almost next to it. I can start to feel my mind now race in fear, of all the unknown possibilities. So I begin to make my way back, going ever so faster the farther I get. But at about two or three blocks, I start to hear the rumbles of terror, that end up shaking beneath my feet. I turn around and I see the monster rise as the city begins to crumble at its ( metaphorically speaking) feet. Like a scene from a godzilla movie, buildings start to buckle under the weight while huge chunks of metal or concrete start to come down before me. And I run in terror, as massive pieces fall, while I duck for cover with car alarms going off and the deafening noise of chaos shatters through my earlobes disinfecting the brain. I am a little ways off now, and in the distance I can see the thing wail its arms about taking out city blocks as if they were miniature lego landscapes. The sounds of helicopters in the distance finally makes there way through, and the people are few and far between. I am right by my apartment building now, as I contemplate going inside to pick up a few things, just in case it might all come down. So I stand there for a minute and figure, fuck it, I still got some time. I run upstairs not taking the chance with the elevator, as I seen to many movies where that ended badly. Inside I grab a backpack from the closet, and stuff it with water, some food,a hunting knife I am not sure why I have, and a few personal belongings I wouldn't want to let go. Taking one last look at the place, as if saying goodbye, I shut the door for what I hope is not the last time. Making my way down the stairs once more, I start to feel the gound shake, I pause for a second in a brief moment of confusion, than run ever faster outside. The creature is closer, than it was. Creeping its way to the downtown core. What does it want? What could it possibly be looking for? These questions I do not know.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

And the monster rises.

I always liked the beach, the sand between your toes, the smell of the ocean and the waves undulating against the very edge of the sands. I come here quite often, to get away from the constant noise of the city, and the putrid smell of the exhaust that seems to come out of everything that passes. The city lays just behind, with the beach just in front. So you can still somewhat hear the remnants try to overcome, as I stand here, watching the very edge of the earth, in the far distance. I can feel the ocean beneath my feet, as the wet sand is as though it will pull me under. To the right lies the pier, like the long arm of god it reaches out carrying the likes of families, lovers, and children. The clouds paint the sky like a van gogh painting, and the screaming of children fades to the background, as do all others. After about a hour or so though, I give off a sigh, stare at the sand and head back. As I cross the street the city begins, coming out of the ground like monoliths or a petrified forest. A stark difference to the beach behind. The noises now rush in, penetrating the earlobes and ransacking the brain. Its hard to think straight. Up ahead lies a diner, one of those ones that looks like its straight out of that fifties b-movie the blob. The glowing red neon sign out front washes over the street, giving off a slight buzzing. I go inside and have a coffee, sitting at the front table on a stool. I can hear the news on the tv talking about that strange sighting on the coast of here, just a few miles from where I was on the beach. All the wild speculation of sea monsters and such, such bull. If there where things creeping under, we would have found them by now. The waitress comes over after awhile, she has short short hair, and the bluest eyes you have ever seen. " Hey there, you need a refill". She says with this almost sarcastic smile. " Maybe just one more, and that will be it". You can see the glow in her eyes start to sprinkle, almost as if there once more, rising from the depths. "Yeah, sure honey, that's what they all say". The news is still going on about the so called incident, saying how in the sixties or seventies there might have been some nuclear tests out in the deep ocean not too far from here. Speculation, I might add. It has been all top secret, and never been proven. I pay for my coffees, and head on back outside, the wind has started up, and beggars have now infiltrated the sidewalks. The streets are bustling with people and tourists alike, and the noise can drive a sane man crazy. My place is just a few blocks up, in some old apartment building on the third floor. Its funny to watch the people clutching there hats, almost as if its the only thing they might have left. Inside the apartment building, I run into one of the other tenants, he doesn't know my name I don't know his, and I would rather keep it that way. " Hello, Mr. Man". As he likes to call me. " How are you this fine day?" He is one of those people that are overly happy, being with them too long will guarantee to make you sick. " I am doing good, just on my way back from the beach, yourself?". His hair always seems to be perpetually messed, and he lives in this old ratty sports jacket, an ugly brown that looks as though the moths had a field day. His jeans are broken, and ripped, but other than that, he is not what you would call a ugly guy. Apparently he has two kids, and even worse, an overbearing wife (whom I met, and agree) in which makes this little style choice make more sense. Upstairs in the apartment I turn on the lights and everything is as I left, not that there's any reason it shouldn't. I go to the kitchen and turn the lights on, and begin to make a sandwich. A peanut butter and jam, nice and simple. I turn the television on and nameless so calleds spurt out all types of bullshit trying to throw out there wears and what not while trying to subtly call you stupid. All mindless woman with sex appeal and kids having fun because of some product placement. So as you can see, I turn the tv off, and I decide to read. With a few intervals of food and what have you, in between. I end up falling asleep on the couch with my cardigan on, only to wake in the morning with a somewhat sore back. And the radio on,trying to get me up out of bed. So I roll over and push the snooze button, but a noise still slowly rumbles that I never heard before. " What the hell?". I silently mumble, realizing I am by myself. As I stumble out of bed the whole building shakes as if a bomb just went off. I make my way to the porch, outside. The world is still a little fuzzy, but as my eyes adjust, I almost drop to the floor. But after I take a minute to compose myself, I quickly throw on the cardigan and slip on my shoes all while running out the door. Outside others have all but done the same. I turn the corner to face the same way of my porch, cautious, as to not wake a slumbering beast. And as I look upon the skyline, I see what can only be found as arms, or tenticles of sorts. Except exceptionally big, as if the city has shrunk down to nothing. I look to the man standing next to me, on my right. " What's going on, what is that... That thing?". He looks to me, his face seemingly frozen in some silent panic. " I.. I don't know, it". He pauses for a few, trying to once again compose himself. " Its an octopus, only, bigger, I guess". We both stare off into the distance, watching the creature, it doesn't seem to have moved in some time. Its tentacles cradling the buildings before it like playthings. We still can't see its body now, if it does perhaps have one. " Well, I don't know about you mister, but I am going to get a closer look". I turn away, starting to walk closer. But not before someone grabs my arm. " Are you sure you want to do this?, we don't know anything about that thing. Or what its, capable of.

I am an antler, ready to fall off..

Like with

Shows up
But after

But silence,

Is like a kiss,
That does not,