Sunday, August 17, 2014

Music based series #1 - Come on in(an bring about the waves of this cascading sea)

(to the beat of Cities Aviv - Meet me at Monterose)

Her eyes,
My eyes,
They meet in the midst of
these skies,

Like soil,

If you don't turn down the heat
Than it may just boil,

Clover, with any luck than we may just

Our love,
The sun, falls over head when we were done.

So, I know,
You know

How am I supposed to feel
When I'm blue,
We're through,
I breathe,
You leave

Now what do I do
With this di-sease

Oh please!
Oh please, can't we just
Rise above,
Above, I say it twice
'Cause it's twice of my love.
(Musical break)

So... we can do it like this (talking)
( Faster paced)
So every time I see your face,
Reminds me of this time
This place
This how
This what
  what a disgrace.

How we waste
This time
This space

So come on
Come on
Bring it in..
Be together till the end.
But wait, hold on
You will be mine

Did not mean it,
Not like that
Did not mean it
Baseball cap

So now girl so... what's
The word
'Cause I love you
Case you haven't heard!.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

I want to fade away, like the moon light, on a hot summers day.

   Her eyes, like a predatory animals, pierces through the night sky. As the silhouette of her long black hair gently caresses the curves of her cheek, while the bangs hang down upon her forehead, quite carelessly. She almost reminds me of a predatory bird, like a hawk, or an owl, perched upon the darkness as it watches it's prey. Quite beautiful, quite stout, as though readying her stance for an on coming battle. It's as though she is barely their, as if she is but a mirage of her past self, an image projected from my own being. An as I reach out my hand, into the murky sloth, as though the very darkness clings to my forearms like the musky smell of an ox, my hands only serve to rake against apparitions. As though at that moment, she had pulled herself away from the very fabric of reality. An just as she begins to once again form, my eyes stutter open, in a sudden conflict of interest, as I look over upon the bed to find nothing but empty covers.