Wednesday, April 01, 2015


The trees sway with the
Subtle motions of a bar
Full of drunkenness
It's as though my hands
Has suddenly come into
View, I might be drunk
In the cold winter air
She warms my shivering breath..
I miss her deeply.
Loneliness, is like
Being unable to breathe..
I might be dying.
her hips sway, like the
trees, under the influence
of a wind swept day.
Her breath fumbles through
The air, as it makes its way to
My shivering lips
When life becomes a
disheveled blur, Only then
will happiness come.

Dead Leaves..

Dead leaves,

That fall from dead trees
That stand tall among the bones of the forest.
  The leaves (in the midst of decay)
Expose their garish display of variegated
       from such overcast skies.