Wednesday, May 23, 2012

chapter two;Things get a little, ( pause for effect) stranger.

He leans in a little closer now, putting out his cigarette underneath the table, with his shoe, I suppose. " Listen closely Mr. Conner's, because things are about to get a little, strange. But you can think of me as a kind of police force, if you will". The diner now is starting to fill up a bit more, for the early afternoon rush. Outside the rain still falls, making those sweet sounds of patter against the window, and people all cover themselves over as if the rain just might be toxic." A police force?". I ask repeating." What government are you under". He gives a little chuckle, but his lips do not move at all. " Government?, Mr. Conner's. No, we are of no government. In fact, we are not of this". Another short pause, acting as if he might be reciting Shakespeare or something." As you might say, plane of existence. If you want to call it that". I lean back in my seat now, with a slight smile. This man must be crazy, some kook from outside with a schizophrenic disorder. I don't know, maybe he gets his kicks off making others the fool. " What is this, some kind of joke or something, do you really think I am going to fall for this?" The waitress comes by and cleans up the table, plates and what not. We both go silent, and I order another coffee. " I see Mr. Conner's, I see. I predicted this event would come about. For you see, you are blinded. Narrowly going through life never fully realizing the veil that covers you". His voice is almost ominous now, as his eyes are all but serious . " There are other things beyond certain doors Mr. Conner's, between the holes in the fabric of space, that you could not possible realize". He leans back now, with arms on the table, lighting up another cigarette, almost as if the place has gone dark and we are all trying to find our way. " So, what exactly are you saying here? What, am I in the matrix or something?" I give off a slight laugh, waving my hands in a general area. His expression on the other hand, does not seem to change, but nonetheless, somehow doesn't seem amused. "No Mr. Conner's, no. I think you people watch to many movies. Which you must realize, is not exactly accurate, Mr. Conner's". The place is filling up now, and the noise from others are starting to overcome. He does a short scan of the surrounding environment, puffing away as the smoke rises and slowly disappears. Where?, I am not sure. " So Mr. Conner's, I ask you again, you need to come with me".

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chapter one:For all I know, you could be anybody.

The diner is empty, and as I sit by the window with my coffee and half eaten plate of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. A man suddenly walks in, wearing a grey suit straight out of a thirties cop movie, fedora and all. I don't pay much attention. Until he continues over and begins to sit next to me. His face is expressionless, with no real features to say of. If I had to describe him to somebody, I would probably be at a loss. He lights up a cigerette, but no one seems to care. " How are you, mister conners?" He asks in a quite non-descript voice. " I have come here today with some news". He pauses for about ten or so seconds, puffing away. " I think you should hear". Usually when a strange man sits next to me, I would be suspicious, I mean who wouldn't. But for some reason unknown. I remain calm, trusting him for no apparent reason. To a certain extent anyways. " How do you know who I am?". I ask while finishing up my coffee. " I know a lot about you mr. Conners, but right now that is not important". The waitress once more comes around and pours some more coffee. I add two milks and four spoons of sugar, taking a sip to test how hot it might be." I have to say, at this moment in time, it seems fairly important". He cracks a wry smile." Maybe so, maybe so. But all in do time mr. Conners, all in due time. First I think you might have to come with me, there is something that you, need to know". He looks at me with those dead eyes, and featureless features. I am staring at him right now, and still having a hard time remembering what he looks like. " You don't really expect me to drop everything, and come willingly, do you. For all I know, you could be anybody". And he laughs, just a little." Okay Mr. Conners, okay". I find he has a certain tendency to repeat himself, as if either one of us is not quite understanding what he's saying." But remember this, this is for your ears only, and you tell no one".

Friday, May 18, 2012

As you come, (but) slower...

She leave
Like lust,

And love
Like over,

"As I
Show need."

And togethor
We must

As you come,
(But) slower.

A time to breathe?

Or a time of not,
But what,

           Does she?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The boarded room( I am wooden shingle.)

With -
deathh, as over



But did he?
He did,?

But did

Moving slowly,.

As was
But once
And noww

Time machine.

And have we,
Have long
A time ago,

Maybe?, or
Maybe so..

But not,
But maybe after.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Let the mountains rise up/let the waters take over..

The city turns to suburbs, as the suburbs turn to farms. Slowly allowing the forest and the trees to take over. As the mountains rise up out of the ground as if by accident. " Are you hungry?". I ask, almost in mid-thought. She looks up with puzzlement, that gives way to a moment of silence. " I could go for something". We are about an hour and a half away now, just outside of hope, on our way to her cabin by lac la jeune. The sun outside beats down upon the road spreading its wings as it passes through the windshield, and the clouds up ahead are starting to gather. " There's a tims in town?". Asking outloud. And she slowly cracks a little smile." Yeah, okay, I could go for that". I take the next exit and head into town, the trees slowly dissipate and part ways allowing room for the buildings, cars and whatever else. Little shops line the streets, like soldiers preparing for battle, that end off usually with a gas station or some mom and pops restaurant. And next to the gas station to the left lies the tim hortons. Inside, we get our usual ( breakfast sandwich with bacon, hash brown, and a coffee) and take a seat by the window." So how long do you think we have?". Asking as she stirs her coffee. " You mean till we get there?". I say aloud, thinking to myself. "Yeah". She answers in this high type voice, as if the word has lost all meaning, or someone just did the hiemlich on her and it just suddenly shot out. " Oh,I don't know". I tell her, pausing sufficiently enough to seem as though, I might be calculating it in my head. " I would have to say about two hours and we should be pulling up". The crowd in here is now starting to multiply, and the line up is now almost out the door. Its warm outside, and I can feel the warmth coming through the windows. The mountains are in plain view, and you can see the clouds litter the sky every once in a while. " Do you think you might want to stop in merrit as per usual?". Every time we come up this way we stop in merrit. About half way to kamloops, three quarters the way to her cabin. Its become a kind of ritual as it may. There's this triple O's in town she likes. She thinks about this for a second and eventually shrugs her shoulders." I don't know, let's see once we get there. It should be lunch by than anyhow". I smile at this, nodding my head while simultaneously drinking my coffee. Afterwards we get up and try to find our way outside, as if passing through the labyrinth of the gods waiting for the minotaur at the end. And the radio plays godspeed you black emperor, as the strings slowly ascend to chaos with field recordings bursting out in between every once in awhile. I love driving down the highway in the middle of nowhere. You get to the point of believing the apocalypse might have happened as just at that point you hit some small town city somewhere. After about a hour or so, though, of driving, the earth begins to crack open forming valleys below. Grassy fields rise up as all the trees slowly dissipate and disappear, while over the cliff up ahead I can now see the inklings of society almost like it has been lost for centuries. A small town literally in the middle of nowhere. " Do you want to stop here, or just make our way through. We aren't too far off now, so?". I end kind of trailing off mid thought. As she sits for a minute, acting as if she never heard me.