Monday, May 21, 2012

Chapter one:For all I know, you could be anybody.

The diner is empty, and as I sit by the window with my coffee and half eaten plate of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. A man suddenly walks in, wearing a grey suit straight out of a thirties cop movie, fedora and all. I don't pay much attention. Until he continues over and begins to sit next to me. His face is expressionless, with no real features to say of. If I had to describe him to somebody, I would probably be at a loss. He lights up a cigerette, but no one seems to care. " How are you, mister conners?" He asks in a quite non-descript voice. " I have come here today with some news". He pauses for about ten or so seconds, puffing away. " I think you should hear". Usually when a strange man sits next to me, I would be suspicious, I mean who wouldn't. But for some reason unknown. I remain calm, trusting him for no apparent reason. To a certain extent anyways. " How do you know who I am?". I ask while finishing up my coffee. " I know a lot about you mr. Conners, but right now that is not important". The waitress once more comes around and pours some more coffee. I add two milks and four spoons of sugar, taking a sip to test how hot it might be." I have to say, at this moment in time, it seems fairly important". He cracks a wry smile." Maybe so, maybe so. But all in do time mr. Conners, all in due time. First I think you might have to come with me, there is something that you, need to know". He looks at me with those dead eyes, and featureless features. I am staring at him right now, and still having a hard time remembering what he looks like. " You don't really expect me to drop everything, and come willingly, do you. For all I know, you could be anybody". And he laughs, just a little." Okay Mr. Conners, okay". I find he has a certain tendency to repeat himself, as if either one of us is not quite understanding what he's saying." But remember this, this is for your ears only, and you tell no one".

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