Wednesday, May 23, 2012

chapter two;Things get a little, ( pause for effect) stranger.

He leans in a little closer now, putting out his cigarette underneath the table, with his shoe, I suppose. " Listen closely Mr. Conner's, because things are about to get a little, strange. But you can think of me as a kind of police force, if you will". The diner now is starting to fill up a bit more, for the early afternoon rush. Outside the rain still falls, making those sweet sounds of patter against the window, and people all cover themselves over as if the rain just might be toxic." A police force?". I ask repeating." What government are you under". He gives a little chuckle, but his lips do not move at all. " Government?, Mr. Conner's. No, we are of no government. In fact, we are not of this". Another short pause, acting as if he might be reciting Shakespeare or something." As you might say, plane of existence. If you want to call it that". I lean back in my seat now, with a slight smile. This man must be crazy, some kook from outside with a schizophrenic disorder. I don't know, maybe he gets his kicks off making others the fool. " What is this, some kind of joke or something, do you really think I am going to fall for this?" The waitress comes by and cleans up the table, plates and what not. We both go silent, and I order another coffee. " I see Mr. Conner's, I see. I predicted this event would come about. For you see, you are blinded. Narrowly going through life never fully realizing the veil that covers you". His voice is almost ominous now, as his eyes are all but serious . " There are other things beyond certain doors Mr. Conner's, between the holes in the fabric of space, that you could not possible realize". He leans back now, with arms on the table, lighting up another cigarette, almost as if the place has gone dark and we are all trying to find our way. " So, what exactly are you saying here? What, am I in the matrix or something?" I give off a slight laugh, waving my hands in a general area. His expression on the other hand, does not seem to change, but nonetheless, somehow doesn't seem amused. "No Mr. Conner's, no. I think you people watch to many movies. Which you must realize, is not exactly accurate, Mr. Conner's". The place is filling up now, and the noise from others are starting to overcome. He does a short scan of the surrounding environment, puffing away as the smoke rises and slowly disappears. Where?, I am not sure. " So Mr. Conner's, I ask you again, you need to come with me".

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