Sunday, June 17, 2012

And the monster rises. Chapter 2 - As I run in terror

I am getting close, as the monster towers before me. Its tentacles wrap around buildings and cover the streets, bathing the city as if it were its plaything. And they look to be about three stories tall, as the city is eeriely quiet. It still hasn't appeared to move for some time, I don't know, maybe its just dead. So standing beside this Thing, the complete shear awe of it washes over me. The unbelievable size is just... Monstrous. Even more so when almost next to it. I can start to feel my mind now race in fear, of all the unknown possibilities. So I begin to make my way back, going ever so faster the farther I get. But at about two or three blocks, I start to hear the rumbles of terror, that end up shaking beneath my feet. I turn around and I see the monster rise as the city begins to crumble at its ( metaphorically speaking) feet. Like a scene from a godzilla movie, buildings start to buckle under the weight while huge chunks of metal or concrete start to come down before me. And I run in terror, as massive pieces fall, while I duck for cover with car alarms going off and the deafening noise of chaos shatters through my earlobes disinfecting the brain. I am a little ways off now, and in the distance I can see the thing wail its arms about taking out city blocks as if they were miniature lego landscapes. The sounds of helicopters in the distance finally makes there way through, and the people are few and far between. I am right by my apartment building now, as I contemplate going inside to pick up a few things, just in case it might all come down. So I stand there for a minute and figure, fuck it, I still got some time. I run upstairs not taking the chance with the elevator, as I seen to many movies where that ended badly. Inside I grab a backpack from the closet, and stuff it with water, some food,a hunting knife I am not sure why I have, and a few personal belongings I wouldn't want to let go. Taking one last look at the place, as if saying goodbye, I shut the door for what I hope is not the last time. Making my way down the stairs once more, I start to feel the gound shake, I pause for a second in a brief moment of confusion, than run ever faster outside. The creature is closer, than it was. Creeping its way to the downtown core. What does it want? What could it possibly be looking for? These questions I do not know.

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