Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And the monster rises. Chapter 3 - The monster walks

I am quite aways off now, and in the distance I can see him. As if I am dreaming, I keep closing my eyes hoping to wake up. I can see my building,slowly crumble, taking everything I own down with it. Coming over here I passed tanks, jeeps, and military men. Acting as they are going to war, which in a sense, I guess kinda are. I am still in the downtown core, with groups of people who are all penetrated with fear. I can see it in there eyes, mothers clutching babies, kids crying off in the distance as family's embrace each other, such love. I really don't have anybody myself, to embrace, to hold in my arms. But that's a different story. At this point I am not too sure what to do, I have been here for about half an hour, but the creature comes ever closer. So at that I remember a subway entrance just a block or two from here, maybe the deeper I go the better. I am hoping to just kind of wait it out, like the many others I see. There is not really a manual for this type of thing, even though certain movies do advise against this kind of move, I am going to take my chances. For who knows what else may be crawling out around here. Or down there for that matter, but I think this just might be best case scenario. The subway tunnels should lead us almost out of the city. The city built them years ago, as a kind of shelter as well in case of nuclear war. It was a bigger deal back then I suppose. Nowadays, we have other things to worry about. As I head to the entrance I pass a little corner store of sorts, pause for a second, and decide to see just to make sure I need anything else. I pace myself through the isles trying to catch everything, while getting myself to get out as fast as I can. I grab some batteries for the flashlight, and head to the back counter to grab a pack a cigarettes. I quit, but I think I can be pardoned, seeing as what's happening outside. To my surprise though, I find a woman crouching behind and frightened. " Miss". Slight pause for confusion. "but is everything okay. do u need any help?". She pulls back a bit, as if she has been suddenly caught of guard. " Jesus mister, you scared the hell out of me, what do u want,anyways". I shrug my shoulders and grab a pack of canadians of the shelf. " Sorry miss, but I don't think this is the best of hiding places, but I guess that's not for me to decide". As I am about to walk out I hear her voice stopping me in my tracks, with a kind of crackly tone mixed with a bout of fear. " I have a name you know". I turn around and look at her for a second. She's shorter, of sorts, maybe around 5" 5 or something. With long thick black hair that partially covers her face, she wears this black faded hoodie with what appears to be a eagle on the top left shoulder. And her jeans a faded blue with what can only be called the beginnings of holes on the right knee. Her face is somewhat covered in dirt as well as her jeans from where she was sitting behind the counter. " It appears that, you had some company lately". She smiles cautiously, almost with a sigh of relief. " It does appear, doesn't it?. My name is anthony by the way." Telling me as she begins to walk towards me, like a cautious animal. " So mister, where are you headed. A change of scenery wouldn't be, you know". She shrugs her shoulders scanning the area slightly, with a smile on her face. " The worse thing in the world". Outside the people are beginning to make there way by, as you can start to feel the ground somewhat begin to shake around us. Like a earthquake, or a tremor, that comes ever closer. " Well, I am headed out of the city, I figure the subway tunnels might be the best way right now. Why do u ask?". She is about five or so feet from me now, as the stock that still clings to the shelf start to slowly fall off. " Oh, no reason, I just thought you might need some company".

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