Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lets go dancing said the wildflower to the grassroots

lets go inside and find the area of expertise that has self contained itself in order for your wonderful stimulation process. to run through the patterns and i lost my head once. my eyes wont look at me anymore. and my hands change bodily fluids without me knowing. my hairs afraid of itself and my nose keeps complaining about the smell. my heart fell apart and joined my knees. my arms are ugly but my chest disagrees. i have a fine ass my friend just ask my teeth. my eyebrows have rampant discussions with each other while my ears are being cleaned. and did i tell you my back talks behind my back while i am not looking. my chins a feminist and goes to rallies to meet chicks. it brings them home and has wild misinterpretations with them. my bald head is balding and is thinking of and dismemberment plan. my head aches and my eyes are sore. wonderful witty and not withstanding my bottom lip has sexual aggression towards my upper lip.
lets go dancing said the wildflower to the grassroots. we are different but the weather is sure nice and the trees shall be jealous. the orchids are my only friend said the redrose petal to the tulip but be sure i am not not falling for your husband. the dirt is clean i washed it last night. the spoon is embracing the knife you say. lets go claim the bedroom window is having relations with the kitchen whore the coffee table. you see one and most likely you see the other. my light bulbs a genius it can generate its own electricity. lets have it down mister bossman your memory has already told me the facts. my bodies going thru a tough time right now and it would appreciate it if you would apologize.

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