Thursday, February 16, 2012

I want to live forever/ let's all die young/ or how I recently found myself disappearing.. (part 3)

nside, the muffled voices of the masses mix togethor to make a deafening noise of inconsistencies. But there's still a clear path to the front desk, surrounded by pillars, with chairs, tables and people alike just beyond that. And the two girls who sit there look oddly alike, short black haired ladies who might have just been ripped off by the two fairies of mothra, I don't remember seeing them before though, I don't see how I could have missed something like that as I have been here day in day out, but I shake it off as not paying attention and begin to move on my way. Everyday I take this elevator I believe that all the people are of the same likeness, long lost twins, brothers, or the exact same person from different timelines or dimensions. The walls here smell of sweat and wd40. Outside in the office on the 12th floor the lights are staring down unflinching watching all who pass. And I can't see myself in the windows as I make my way down the hall to my desk. I guess that's got to be some sort of sign. My desk now is way of to the back in the left hand corner, the proverbial desert of the twelfth floor. And it sits in ruin as the mess can almost make its way to the ground below. But I get the work done nontheless. Probably why they don't say anything, as they have never heard but a peep about a raise from me or otherwise. I am quite content at doing what's given and going home. The people are absent from about a block radius around my work station. And I can't help but feel like I want to be part of the team. I have tried some many times that have all but ended with failure. Office parties, birthdays, or just generally getting togethor for drinks afterwards. Like a virus people tend to cover there mouths when I happen to be around. I made peace with it quite sometime ago, or at least made them believe so. They have a way of looking right through me as if I am not there. Or a look of complete disgust as if they have just been approached by somekind of mutated animal. I am not quite sure how it all started, I just have a way with people. Its not like I am dirty or anything. I keep very good care of myself. I have to admit at giving up to some degree at some fairly recent point in time. But I still happen upon a shower each day, even if my work space says otherwise. But there's a woman here in the office who reminds me of me, and this story it has taken a quite interesting turn. And she does in the, I might add, sense she doesn't talk to too many people as well. I have tried to approach her at certain intervals throughout the days. Never know really what to say. Always finding my mouth crawling amongst the floor looking for verbal scraps of food. She is not the type of girl most guys go for, but for I am not most guys. Today she is wearing what appears to be a polyester skirt or dress that barely shows the top parts of the calves. On top of that lays a white button up that doesn't seem to fit that well covered by a dark green cardigan that is bound and determined to drown her beneath its bottomless waves of fabric. Even her body language proves shy. As everything she reaches for or perhaps does she stops herself half way in to think about the precautions and maybe consequences. And in all I think she's beautiful. As she glows in distant parts of the corner of my eyes. After some nervous quite laughter and multiple attempts at getting my hands to stop shaking. I get up to pretend to go past her desk way to the left opposite of the windows and the rooms full of supplies in which I will go into for no reason what's so ever. I try to keep my head up high and not watch the floor as I approach and find an odd smile run across my face as I say hello and make my way into small talk. I manage to ask about her day, but she just looks up as if forcing herself to do so and gives a subtle good and fine as she goes right back to her work and ignoring me just the same. And I stand there like a complete idiot, mumble some incoherent nervous nonsense and make my way out. As I turn on the computer it quietly whiirrs itself awake from its long slumber, and immediately shoves its light right into me choking my eyes shut but just for a second. I would peroidically find myself getting bored and strained from sitting here as well all day. So I started to take little micro walks to get my blood flowing once more and stretching the muscles that cramp and twist themselves like some lovelorn womanizing snake. That apparently gets a lot of tail. And the end of the day is still far outstretched. The hours pass at a slow moving crawl, and the people walk around in distant mumbles of a rumbling heart. After about a hour or two I lock up the computer screen and decide to make my way down to grab a quick snack. I find the girl, gail I believe her name is, not at her desk. She must have had the same thought I just had. As a smile makes its way upon me in the thought we might find each other once more. Across the street there is a vendor selling some hotdogs and such, you can get all sorts and variations. I have always been the one to get just mustard on mine. Boring people liking boring things, I imagine.

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