Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The flag have fallen beneath a blanket of fog.

    The flag has fallen beneath a blanket of fog. And the rain peters down from the overlaying clouds." So, how about it? What do you think?". She says this with a smirk, that underlies the fact she knows what I think i want." I can't, you know this. I have to deal with outside sources, if that's what you want to call it". Frowning, she looks off into the distance to the passing cars. "Well as I said before, she doesn't have to know".  Water runs down the windshields in a chaotic dance, as the wipers are sounding as if someone is dragging there fingernails across a chalkboard. "That doesn't matter, 'cause I will". 
   I am driving her home, home from work. Its just after 11 o'clock and the streetlights make the roads sparkle like some art house road movie. The time now passes in silence, until I pull up in front of her house, an she says." Are you gonna be okay?". I awkwardly smile, trying to figure ways to get out of this conversation i know is coming." Yeah, I will be fine". " Okay than, if you do say so".
    I now notice her arm reaching over clutching my leg, attempting to gently caress. To what means, I do not know. As I know it wont do any good to change my mind." I think I will be fine, thanks".  She still sits there though, with a half smirk, and hand upon my leg. As intermediate thoughts pass through my head. Her hand is getting ever higher upon my thigh, and for a split moment I am powerless to do anything as the blood rushes to other more unmentionable places. "I know you want it, don't you? Just one night, of fun. Than we never have to speak of it again. You know, if that's what you want?". My mind runs through the possibility of multiple paths, like some quantum computer. Doing different things at the same time. Although each and every one ends up ending basically the same. Not good, one way or the other.
    Grabbing her hand I hold it there for a second( as its hard to move, even if its the right thing to do) and eventually do move it after a couple. "I am not that guy, even if I, or you, or anyone really, wants me to be. And I do want to be that guy....Sorry, but this can't happen, not now anyway". She takes her hand away, and stares off towards her house, looking a Tad bit disappointed. "Well, I am sorry to hear that, but anyways, I will be here if u need me. Just don't make me wait too long."
    I watch as she walks out an slowly up the driveway,  eventually disappearing through her front door. I can't help but have a little regret to what just happened. A big part of me wanted to go through that door with her. But in the end, as I have said, would have just complicated things. Further than I wanted them to be(As its already pretty out there already). And as I drive home to an empty house, my mind is still back there, waiting outside, wanting to go in.

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