Monday, March 25, 2013

Sitting at tables, staring in silence

"Have you ever seen those movies John?". I ask." You know, the romantic ones, the ones were the guy does something to lose the girl, or doesn't know he likes her in the first place?". He looks up, with a most uninterested expression on his face." Yeah, I might have seen a few, why do you ask?".
"Well". I say." I was just wondering about the whole situation".
"Yeah.. how so?". He says, seemingly going along with the conversation, as if on autopilot." Well for one thing, why do they always show the same period in a relationship, the beginning of it, why not the second half of one?". Apparently perked up, he looks over with furrowed brows." Second half? What In gods name is the second half?".
"The second half". I repeat, as if trying to explain to him in the most nonsensical way possible.   "Usually consisting of about a year or two down the road, were the guy grows tired of the whole charade, and the woman doesn't even come over anymore". He just laughs at this, acting like he is trying to hide it." I think you might be a bit cynical, don't you?".
"No actually, I don't".
"You know". He says." That..that is not the normal run of things right, not every relationship ends up like that".
"Yeah, yeah, I know.. I just, you know?".  Silence now permeates the air for a second, as he sits there thinking on how exactly to proceed, before I break in." Do you think that its possible, for the entirety of the relationship to be like the beginning, you know, at least on the most part. Or is it an inevitability that it will begin to slowly fade in the background of things". He sits there, in a quiet contemplation, just staring at the table in silence." You know". He says, before pausing." I don't know, I really, don't know".

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