Sunday, August 18, 2013

As I try to break free, from these human shackles.

"I don't blame you".
She tells me, as her voice
Reverberates, echoing as if
Yelling it over the open caverns,

Buried beneath the earth.

"And either should you!".
She says, as now i can see her eyes, now uncovered,
From the fallen hair she so purposely
Brushes from her face.

Her hands are calm,
As mine
Now shake,
Before I exasperate a final mutterance,
As if not being able to hold
My breath any longer.

.."How, exactly, could I not blame myself".
I say, before
Trailing off into existence.

(As if disappearing, into
The folded up realities that pepper
  Our own.)

"Easy!". She tells me.
As she wraps her arms around
Me, as if protecting me from
The elements.
"It just may take some time, that's all".
She pauses.

"It just may take some time!".

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