Thursday, November 28, 2013

They don't tell me anything anymore. - Sidequest..

"Paul.. I was just
wondering something".
"Yeah!". I ask." An what's that?".

"Well, I hope you don't
mind me asking this, but I was just wondering why exactly
you.. you know".
"Don't have any friends?". I continue.
"Yeah, if that is alright".
"No, of course not, of course not".
"Well I just would imagine that you wouldn't have started out that way, did you?".

"No.. I didn't". I answer.
"When I was younger, I was in a much different position, but I was never one of the popular kids, still ain't".

"Well what happened". She asks,
as her elbows crawl ever forward
onto the table.

"Basically". I tell her." To keep a long
Story short.. I eventually found
Out that the friends I had, weren't really friends at all.
  An that they only had me around for various other reasons". I tell her,
Before continuing.
"Which, as it turned out, had nothing to
Do which actual friendship".

"So what happened than?.. After that".
"Nothing happened". I say, tapping the table.
"I just figured out that people are too
Difficult, volatile even. Life is easier with no one around.
  Simpler, I guess".

"Are you sure you're not just saying that to make yourself feel better".

"What do you mean". I ask, peaking my interest.
"It just seems like, and I mean no disrespect, that maybe its a type of self preservation".
She pauses." Or something.. you know, to make yourself feel better about
The whole situation".

"Interesting". I say, as if to myself.
"So what.. you are saying I am just blaming others to make up for my own short comings, in a sense".

"Not everyone can be popular Paul!
I am sorry, but its just the way the world works".

"Yeah.. I know, I'm fine
With that".

"But". She pauses." To be honest, people sure can be quite difficult, can't they?". She says, in a whisper.
"Yeah.. they sure can". I say." They sure can".

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