Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Series Of Random People.


Her eyes,
Are like visions,
Of what could of
Could a

Had to been..


Begin again


If the sun
were ever to
Outshine you,
It would
Only still be
          A candle

Amongst your depth.

Dumdum Dugan

As I
(you see)
Well I'll
I'll be

A beauty
That had be

With form
Can see
  ( But covered )
Need - but not -
Can't see.


I can still see her, still imagine her dark brown eyes, as they stare off into the distance with a prophetic wisdom, contrasted by the mottled haze of the falling sun. Her hair, trembles beneath the wind, a slight draught of air, that feigns the very trees that seem to fall upon her backside. I can still see her smile, her lips, that as well trembles beneath the weight of the keen autumn air. While her voice, sweet, but bitter, from biding her final adieu, while disappearing with the iridescent haze of the fallen sun.

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