Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I dug you up to keep you company.

I cleaned the house this morning. to get my mind off of you. the dust has apparently taken a hold of the house, and the walls have coughed up their fair share of hairballs. I haven't been out for days. and the shower has taken its leave. but your eyes fit nicely in the back of my head. while the creatures are all watching my every move. all the furniture looks at me like i am a stranger. as i stand in the middle of the room, sweeping up my fallen heart from the floor. but i can't seem to clean the blood stained blood as the weeks have all but disappeared .
and sitting beside the kitchen window i watch the rain. drunk, with the likes of you. as your smile lights the way through the trees, the great plains suddenlly appear, crackling below my feet. and the monsters have all but vanished. and you sit there watching all the animals do battle against themselves, as the sun falls asleep, just beyond the mountains, just below the sea

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