Wednesday, March 04, 2009

my heart defect is that of an unknown man....................... Current mood: drained

my heart defect is that of an unknown man. but i am beautiful. and i watch as the angels fly by in a colorful desolation. and i sit alone. the leaves have fallen, and the days are strong. i listen to my heart beat as i pullover and walk to the nearest cafe. and order a coffee, and head out the patio. it seems like the usual faces, haunting every city street, while weaving in and out of the autumn breeze. an the leaves have fallen. i find the only place i can write is road side diners and coffee shops. and the road is my mistress, and the cars not clean. but todays an off day, actually, i havent written anything in weeks. the death of myself...... so i sit here, pen in hand. waiting for the rebirth. sitting back in the chair, smoking a cigerette, on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere...... all surrounded by trees. watching the forest like its watching me. but the people are distant and the grounds clean. and i used to be a city, i used to be the sea. living in the middle of nowhere, where the buildings breed. i remember the morning ritual of the early rise, and the trying to build steam. the fast paced world of a work a holic was a societies dream. and a broken mans disease.

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