Monday, August 15, 2011

For a lack of anything else better to say

They caught me breathing, the air is still. my arms twitch, and my hands try to wrap around themselves (thumbs out). the buildings replace walls and the walls tower. and i am invisible, attempting or not. its hard to run when your out of breath. as i try to get out of the way of flying objects. even if those might be attached to others. and i slightly move my eyes round the corner to find who might be waiting, watching. i might try to be quiet. all i see now are people walking by inconspicuously, heads down. firmly implanted in mobile devices that make em out like zombies. I decide to continue on my way, roaming my way through the crowd in silence, watching them move in groups. In case i may have to use my feet once more. And the city is cancerous, i can see it spreading. It just so happened on the eastside, slowly making its way through the streets having others (like myself) defend themselves in otherwise some unnatural way. And this isnt the first time. Just an easy target, i guess. And after a something or other amount of time. My feet are sore, my mind drags. I decide to turn my way into a coffee shop up ahead. Order a drink, straight black.And sit outside in the wafting sun as the crowds walk by in a seemingly vegetative state. going back and forth to work, or what have you.

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