Saturday, August 20, 2011

For a lack of anything else better to say(pt2)

and the buildings are beautiful, and full of life. Everything seems so simple when your staring out a pain of glass, atop the world looking down amongst the insects. But everybodys got to face the truth sometime, or what you make of it anyway. I look down at my empty coffee cup, shake it a bit (in hopes of anymore might be left over) and decide maybe its time to be on my way. I get up off my seat and the streets are crowded. The memory of hiding behind backsides of buildings long gone. But not quite forgotten. And its nice to take a stroll on a sunny day. The wind in the trees as the branches wave back and forth as if in celebration. And the blue sky is burning. As the sun gets buried waiting to rise once more in a couple hours or so. And at this time, i guess its a good idea to start to getting back. My place is not to far away, around the corner around the bend. Just as the city begins to start to disappear in to the blackness of a haunted night. and i get a little paranoid, the bubbles of thought tend to rise up over my head. So i walk a little faster now, trying to make my way back to the origins of this morning. and the clouds seem to succumb to an early death, and the city continues to darken. This is when the people want to come out and play. And as you may or not be able to tell, i am not that well equipped. In the physical sense of the word. And are those the shadows of creatures that lurk in the night. Or is my mind just playing tricks on me. As the peering street lights have a quality to do that to a person. And i have a certain suspicion i am not alone.

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