Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Into The descent of madnesss( andotherr). monstrosities(lackof#6)

And the next morning when I awake I still find the darkness clawing up against my bedside. I take a look at the clock somehow hovering above the door attached to the wall, and it has seemed to have stopped at just after four o clock. I am feeling a little groggy, and the world seems a little fuzzed. Taking a look around I find the room empty, but my eyes are still grasping to get used to the night. I make a ill attempt at getting up off my bed as I bump in all sorts of unidentified objects. All the beds are sitting silent empty devoid of any human interaction. And I notice something that I just happen to notice, in the far left corner the tv is on with the unheard sounds of white noise washing over the rest of the room. But it doesn't seem to give off any sort of light. As I make my way a little closer I suddenly hear the eerie silence of footsteps somewhere outside the door. And for a second I find myself paralyzed. Unable to move. I eventually get my footing and slowly go towards the door. As I take a slight peek around I find all but empty spaces. The desks, furniture and other miscellaneous hospital supplies are covered in dust and abandoned. How long have I been asleep exactly, or am I just maybe sleeping. I am a little confused, misplaced, or lost. I go to turn the corner once more and in the background appears a object covered in blackness in what appears to be a human form. And I am not quite sure what to do next. I think to myself for just a second and suddenly I remember the cane beside my bed that I hope is still there. And as I find my way back it is still miraculously still there. For now,anyway, this is going to have to do. Peaking once more around the corner the strange object isn't where it once was. I crouch down back to the wall and make my way across the hall to behind the nurses desk. Slowly looking over I take a quick 180 view of everything around except the wall behind. I get up and make my way around the desk and down the hall just back and to the right of the elevator. All the doors are mostly closed, and so I decide to open one. The little placard on the door says dr. Daniels, and light from inside escapes through the crack between the door and the tiles below. I raise the cane in front of me and attempt to open the door with the end of it. Inside I cautionally turn my head to take a look see . And behind the desk I can see what I can only believe to be the doctor mister daniels. I get a little closer tiptoeing up and gently tap his(with the cane I might add) arm hanging down from the side of the chair. Suddenly the eyes open as I fall back, he jumps over and on top of me and as I struggle to get loose I somehow grab the cane and with the blunt end shove it as hard as I can into his left temple as he twists, convulses and falls beside me apparently stopping moving after a few seconds. And at this moment ain't I happy he has a soft head. Getting up I immediately close the door, and I am as frightened as I have ever been. Now as I really begin to wonder what the hell is happening I find myself frantically pacing around the room, nerves piling up to the rooftops, and palms sweating profusely. I stop and take a look at the body and I haven't noticed before in the frantic pace that just happened to go on. But, he looks odd. I get down on one knee to get a little closer and his pale skin seems colorless, his eyes are colored over in white, and his nails are brittle or all but fallen off. I may not know what's going on, but I know one thing, I need to get the hell out ta here. Rummaging through the desk I find a few things he oddly I might add keeps in some of the drawers. Some scalpel types things mainly, and some rudimentary rope of some kind I can use to tie some of the knives things to the end of the cane, and the best I can do for now can hopefully help immensely. Everything else is pencils, pins papers and other office memorabilia. Stuff I can't see any immediate or future need for. Opening the door it creaks quietly cutting through the silence already in the room. I make sure I look both ways like they taught me way back in grade school.and its dark in the halls when no lights are present. But I do not see anyone at this given time. Or moment. Beginning to head backwards toward the elevator everything is eerily silent. And as I reach the perpendicular hall where my room is still located, I can find no remnants or idea if anybody is around. Slowly making my way to the right to the elevator I can hear oddly shaped sounds coming from down the hall and to the left exactly where I am heading. I stick my head around the corner to see what may be up, and what I find makes me pull back and hide. And maybe I am going mad, having finally lost my mind. Delusional. I do have a somewhat family history of mental illness, mostly on my mothers side. Perhaps I am next in line. Around the corner two men stand, one in a doctors white trench coat and the other in some kind of blueishy smock. A patient maybe. And they don't look ok anymore. Seemingly in the same appearance as mr daniels. And seemingly seeing that I am quite new to this ( and do not want to die) I decide to take the other route. I head back and past the office where this all, all of the sudden, happened. And being quiet is decidedly difficult when the floors squeek so adherantly. And Haven not noticed it before it is now so prominent without all the hussle and bussle of everyone running around. Just up ahead and to the right aways, if I do remember correctly, stands a staircase that can hopefully make my way down. And there is no point in trying to figure this all out yet. And in the echoey silence of the stairwell something stirrs. Footsteps perhaps. And so with a deep breathe of sadness. ( and fear) I begin to make my way down.( To the valley below)

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