Sunday, January 08, 2012

The lonely life of trees./thinking to myself in a disorderly fashion.

Outside the window the tree has overtaken the yard, partially blocking out the sun. The fence is broken and tattered in places with the white paint being chipped off and weathered. And the world keeps on going by no matter what I may do with myself. Almost as reassuring as a thought can be, an just as isolating. My hands are clasped around the lip of the window sill, and my hair falls in my face every now and than as I brush it back against my earlobe. But I can start to smell the scent of coffee running through the air and contaminating the walls and the counters,as they are a mess, but I haven't been in the mood to clean in days. I have one of those single serve coffee makers like the ones you see in offices or something, a little smaller but all the same none the less. And I don't usually work in the mornings. Which I like actually. Just to be able to sit around all morning and relax is pretty nice. I am used to being by myself, as I have been doing that for a few years now. I have been in a relationship or two though, but haven't for reasons unknown worked out. It always ends almost the same, they breaking up with me or stop calling all togethor. I suppose its destiny, as some might call it. And so with that in mind, and coffee cup in hand, I go take a seat on the couch. Its one of those old thirties ones with the wooden arm rests and the ugly green fabric. The coffee table actually fits in quite nicely,as its perfect as one of those fifties kitchen tables, I just shortened the legs. I got it from this garage sale a few years back, I had no use for it but you don't see them very often anymore. I love going to garage sales. Digging through peoples crap they don't want or care for no more. Sad in a way. These were once all great and sought after stuff.On the most part. Now all have fallen and found there way at the bottom. But that's ok, we all find our way there eventually, some earlier than others. Now flipping through the channels on the television proves all but boring. As i only still get the basic channels, And too many channels usually brings confusion along with it. And this is my normal everyday madness of getting up before work. My idiosyncratic routine of day in and day out. I work just a couple blocks up in a office building, a editor for some midlevel paper. How I got the job I will never know. I have my own little office there all cut off from the rest of the people. Why should work be any different than the home. But I am getting off topic, and off focus, as the television is still yelling its name at me to find a channel I might rather prefer. So after surfing around a bit and finally finding one I put the controller down and begin to feel myself start to relax. Some educational show on volcanoes, specifically the one in yellowstone. Odd how things work out. As I am sitting here in the false pretense of security all the while mother nature plots and plans against us, meaning to or not. How fragile a society we are, sitting like kings, as the cavalry slowly rolls in.

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