Sunday, January 01, 2012

untitled and uncomplete (lack of#8)

Inside the cafeteria the dust has settled. And abruptly taken over, seemingly. The tables are empty, and the chairs are dead. And as it seems they seem to be shot down, tipped over, or generally scattered about. And the place is creepy, even more so than the rest of the place. The walls creak as the fans moan and yearn and call out your name. With every step I take the dust does rise, fall and make its way to the bottom of my feet. Going towards the kitchen the counters are empty, the tills are silent. And the little windows to view today's menu is all but lacking anything that might be considered food. I jump over and go to the back in the kitchen. In here everything is a mess. Pots, pans and everything in general have somehow found there way to the floor or piled themselves in neat little mountains in the sinks spilling over like a man made volcano. Some of the many cupboards are open as I drag my finger across the metal surface of one of the counters. And the dirt has piled itself on and over and back onto itself. I dig through a few shelves here and there pushing my way through numerous diseased and filth encrusted silverware bowls and every now and than what appears to be what used to be some kind of edible unknowns. I would think at some point I would notice some kind of rust of decomposition in the metal or even wood at one time or another, but it only appears to be the food that has done that. Maybe I haven't been here for too long after all. In the back I can see what appears to be a freezer door or something. Burrowing my way through the mess I make my way there to open the door. Inside all the ice has over run and taken over,ice crystals hang from the ceiling like knifes. And I feel like I am in some indy movie, as if its going start to come down on me any second now. And I am bored, tired, and not wanting to do this anymore. I knock down some of the ice and begin to go through the shelves finding everything gone beyond recognition. After about twenty minutes or so. And Its surprisingly roomy in here as I make my way around pushing all the stuff from side to side slowly getting a little more frantic as the time passes. But it all seems to be falling apart. After about half an hour or so I give up and head back out. Everything here seems to be gone with time past. And I guess its time to be on. As I find myself on my way, all the tables are still in there disorderly fashion. And footprints are abound. I stop suddenly and bring my shovel up to my shoulders in unwanted anticipation. And from the door I see them arise. One after the other in a most chaotic matter pushing shoving and generally making the way toward me. I look down with a sigh and take a deep breath and think, you know what, fuck it! And at that I run towards them, knocking the first one in the gut and doing a one eighty hitting another behind then back to the first with a mighty blow downwards to the head. And there's no time to think as they continue to surround and make there way in. So I jump on one of the tables swinging at anything that attempts to come at me. And I am looking out over the world on the verge of death. As I continue to kick, punch, and do whatever it takes to keep them off as I see only one way out. And there all packed in now, making a more so than not circle around me. So with a deep breathe and a uneasy sigh, I go for it. Stepping on heads shoulders whatever I can as I cautiously ( and as probably of no help) clutch onto the ceiling above. And miraculously like some crazy scene in a movie I make my way to the door. Swinging at anything that might try to make its presence known. Through the door, without even thinking, I run my way to the front of the hospital, make a sudden pause as if I am making some leap over some cliff to the waters below. And open the door. Outside to the right there's a yellowish white wall parallel to me running about 50 or so feet . On the left a small garden fixed with trees and small colorful flowers of some kind. As I stand there looking around wondering what to do next. I notice that there is no discernible smell to conceive of. The clouds in the sky look relatively similar to each other. And something just somehow doesn't feel right. I look back upon the doors that followed and all the things,creatures, or whatever are all banging on the door. Like they all want to come out but just can't figure out how. I start to make my way to the end, trying to focus on what may eventually be out there. The shovel in my right hand hangs lazily against my feet , and I hang onto it more tightly than ever now. At the end I find myself standing in front of the hospital parking lot. And its all but empty, a complete lack of cars or any human presence whatsoever. And it feels lonely standing in the dark with no apparent world to conceive of. Out in the distance I can see the buildings jettison out of the ground like old retired monoliths from countless ages ago. The grass has now but overgrown, finding its way through the cracks in the pavement. And the lights situated throughout have all but died out seemingly years before. through the parking lot land across the street lay a couple of buildings that are more than likely deserted. Made up of bricks they bare the strain of unrepair. I motion to open the door of one of the shops here and notice a lock hanging there on chains covered in dust an dirt. I shake the door around a bit not quite sure what to expect, but nothing happens. The windows are shaded over with overgrown dust. And there appears to be a complete lack of color, instead going for a few shades of grey. Oddly enough though the only color I have seen is the flowers in the garden by the hospital. As I walk up and around the corner I now see the nature of things taking hold and wrapping themselves around the buildings. But i guess everything looks colorless under the light of the moon. Down the street a little more the city rises up higher and higher. I check a couple more doors on the way down and there all locked. Looking inside all the windows everything is still in perfect order. As if the people have all but vanished. But if that is so than why all the locked doors. A ways down a bit I finally find a open door, a little corner market that's named appropriately. Up around the corner or some odd name like that. Inside the fruit is past on. The floors are all cracked, and you can still see glimmers of the true color every now and than. The normal checkered black and white. The walls are a washed out green, with the dairy coolers surrounding the room. In the back to the left I notice the bottles of water in one of the coolers. I grab a bunch and stuff my clothes with as many as I can. Off in the distance, not too far away, I can still see the silouette of the hospital. Slowly disappearing to the point of being unrecognizable.

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