Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another wayy of sayingg..

She said to me with a smile, and a crackle to her voice. " Where have you been lately". I looked at her with apparent disposition, " around, I have been around".
The place was empty, with pockets of noise coming from some unknown directions, and I can almost see her mouth mimic the words she's about to mutter." You haven't called me lately, I wonder why that is?". almost muttering to herself." I have been busy". And with that she looks at me like she's trying to deduce some mathematical equation, pausing between each sentence almost like she's catching her breath. The place is dark, with the corners of the bar almost unbearably so. The fans whir, and the bartender wipes down the bar trying to keep busy. " Its slow tonight, for a day like today". She looks around quite uninterested, as if she's scanning the pages of a text book. " I guess". Pausing in between with apparent uncertainty. " Your not answering the question, what is the reason for that". Talking like she has no inner dialogue, she tends to speak as if thinking to herself. And the sounds of her voice seem to crack under the pressure of thought. Her eyes are on the verge of death, and I know I should do what I came here for. " Nothing, its nothing, why don't we get out of here, grab a bite to eat". A smile wraps around here face, that seems to even surprise herself. Outside the rain is coming down, and I have found myself in this spot before. Never quite allowing to bring myself to it. I lend her my jacket, and we make our way down the street. The light falls down from the lamps above. And the buildings are silhouettes aspiring to reach to heaven.

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