Sunday, January 27, 2013

The only thing you got to fear is the monsters in the closet( an the skeleton in your head)

I can feel the bones of the dead upon my feet, as they try to claw an climb their way through the layers of dirt . An the sounds of ghostly apparitions breeze by my back making the hair stand tall, as they howl and screech through the silence (like father wind). So its dark outside, and the only lights I can see are of the houses in the background, barely visible. An the leaves below my feet echo and distort, making it sound as if someone (or something) is walking up right behind me. As the path, ahead, is only getting darker, and the trees lean over as if the branches are reaching out, in desperation. So I say to myself, continuously." Its all in the head. Its all in the head..... its all, in the head".

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