Monday, April 08, 2013

Sleeping in the long grass, w/ a rock upon your back

'We need to talk'
She said somberly,
(Like sleeping
In the
Long grass
With a rock upon your back.)

"Well". I told her." What did
You have in
She looked over,
With eyess
Glossed over,
As if covered by melting waters,
(Or Fallen rain.)

'I don't'. She said. 'I don't
Think this is working'...

We look at
Each other, (in silence)with
hands trembling, shaking
Back an forth like troubled waters.

(Or a small boat, climbing upon waves, awaiting the final moments of being overturned)

"So". I said to her.
As she firmly plants
The knife
Into my chest." May I


'Well' she said.
'Its Just'.
She continues.
Than stops, pauses..
An sighs.....

An eventually fades off into
The night (with the sun above our heads)

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