Saturday, April 27, 2013

Her voice ( like the Aurora borealis) whispers gently into view.

"My hands?".
I say, as my voice
gently echos
off In the distance.

"I can not feel them".

She looks,
An watches,
As I parade them before her.

(And a pause, (but just
For a moment))
To see the lights,
The sea,
The winds,
The trees,
   ,.. that seem to brush
Up gently before my face.

"What about now?".
She whispers, (like the
Aurora borealis, as it slowly
Fades into view).
While clasping my hands, that
Are still disappointingly

"Maybe you are dead?".

She tells me.
"Maybe". I say.
"But was i ever truly Alive".

She smiles,
An cracks.

While continuously
Holding my hand,
Ever so

As to not let go.

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