Wednesday, May 01, 2013

You stopped making sense a long time ago( but I can still understand you)

I can hear
the rain outside,
like a
   white noise,

or a tidal wave,

that we can see coming
off in the distance,
as it slowly,
tries to swallow us whole.

The very sound
tries to penetrate the skin,
the very essence
of humanity.
     And along
with the Howling winds,

that begs,
pleads, for one last chance,

like a spurned
that wants nothing more
than to be

But they say
The trees,
Sway to the sounds
Of nature..
That man has long lost,


Like a lover,
That wants nothing
More than to
Forgive,    but
Somehow, has
Lost the ability to hear..

Those Howling

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