Friday, May 17, 2013

Like a majestic eagle, that has been put in some cage, at the zoo, for your viewing pleasure.

It's like a twilight zone episode, where you wake up one morning to find your in a different time(or body) only its not a television show, and you woke up to find your forty. An the person you see looking back at you is no one you readily recognize. All that you can think of, is how did it get to this? How did this happen to me,.. of all people. Like someone accidentally hit the fast forward button, and by the time you figure out how to turn it off, the damage has already been done. Or like a majestic eagle, that has been put in some cage at the zoo for your viewing pleasure(it just kind of loses that majestic edge). An before you know it, your wings have been clipped, (to finish off that metaphor). So you cling to the past, while hardly enjoying the present that is presently happening, to only later on in life go through the whole ordeal once more.

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