Sunday, June 16, 2013

Somehow screaming obscenities at yourself

You know,
I am not crazy, I have
read all those books before, when
I was a kid".

"I know, I know". he
Repeats." I do realize how this
must sound. If I
Was in your position,
I would be thinking the same thing".
He says, while sitting their,
Twirling his fork
Around the table, like
A six year old would do when he's

"But I am telling the truth, no matter
How crazy it might be".

I call out.
"Say this is all true, how exactly is
This possible. Don't
You think I would..".

I pause,
Trying to make sense of the whole
(like  two streams, that intertwine to
make a swirling vortex of opposing ideas)

"Remember something, anything?".

"Listen". He begins.
"This is fairly new to us,
We have never had it happen before.
Something about the
universe,     trying to amend
the current timeline,

before to much damage is done.

We don't really know a
Whole lot right
Now, we
Have people working
On it, but its slow moving (he pauses)
   As you can see".

Have you ever
Had that feeling,
   The feeling

Where you know
That something is
So crazy, but you can't help
But somehow believe its true.

Like those people
That (no matter what)
Believe beyond a shadow that
They were once Napoleon(or some random
Figure) in their past lives.

I finally begin.
Say that is all true, and
Somehow I got entwined in this
Time, how do you
Even know that I can even go back".

I sigh, as if I am
Standing outside of my body,
Screaming at myself to
Run, run fast.
    (And run far.)

"We don't". He
Tells me." That's just
It, we don't".
"Than how exactly do you
Expect me to go along with this".

"That's just a chance you have
To take". He tells me, as he sits there
In silence, thinking
About the next thing
He should

As if he is not sure if he should
Bring it up or not.

"But remember, you can always". He stops." You
Can always come back....
    If need be".

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