Thursday, July 04, 2013

Giving bad analogies, to people you barely know.

I ask, can you
Explain this to me

"Well". He says, putting
His elbows on the table, only
To raise his hands
Up high, as if directing

"Its like a fish, or a
Salmon( to be specific), that spends most of
Its life swimming in circles,
In the vast (and barely)
Empty spaces
Of the

To finally
Get that chance, the chance to swim
Once more up

(From whence it came)

Only to find,
That it doesn't 
Get to swim
Back down".

"How exactly, is
That anything like this
Situation, I am
Currently finding myself in?".

(As we sit
Their, the crowds of
People are emanating a white noise,
Canceling each other
Out as they attempt to speak
Over one another.)

"This girl". He speaks up.
"She is kind of like your stream,  no
Matter what happens,
You keep on ending up
With her.

No matter what you
May do in the outside world,
You always end up in
The same place at the end.
And no
Matter how much you
May struggle

That stream,
This girl,

Is where you should
Eventually end up".

I say."how about the not swimming
Back down

"Well!". He tells me.
"That part,
That part is up to you".

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