Friday, September 27, 2013

Random conversations #1

"I want to be an amphibian".
She tells me." So I can sleep below
The murky water's".
"You know". I begin." I am not sure
That amphibians sleep below the waters".
She looks over, with her coffee cup
partially covering  her face. So her eyes just peek over, like twin moons over a twilight soaked sea.
"I think you're missing the point!".
She says. "Please than". I reply." Do tell, what is the point exactly?". She doesn't answer, at least at first, instead opting to watch the slowly dissipating crowd emptying out into the streets like a flock of birds that have been momentarily discombobulated.
"You see those people outside". She finally calls out.
"Yeah". I say." I see 'em(I pause, shortly) How about them?".
"What is their purpose exactly, what is their role in life?".
"What do you mean, role?"
"You know". She tells me." Role!, why is that person, every person for that matter. Out there, right now?".
"They are just out on the town, enjoying themselves, doing what people do".
"Which is!?".
She says, dragging her words,
as if carrying a heavy bag through the dirt, or like Atreyu, desperately trying to pull Artax through the swamp of sadness.
"There isn't a point, is there?". She says before continuing, with hardly a breath in between.
"Have you ever noticed". She continues, somewhat changing the subject." That we are the only animals in this kingdom that do things that go against our own survival".
"I think your changing the subject, are you not?".
"No actually, I do not. And I will tell you why!".
"Please". I say." Please do".
"Have you ever seen a lion, a bear, or an amphibian, for that matter. Go around killing there own kind".
"I am sure it happens every so often".
"I have never once seen". She says, as if passing over my previous comment." Any animal, except for humans, kill for the pleasure of killing, let it be a hapless gazelle or one of there own!".
"It's our heightened intellect, we rose to the top of the food chain so to say, and we all know, with a heightened intellect comes a heightened ego, they just go hand in hand".
"You always were a self professed psychiatrist of sorts". She tells me. As I laugh, and say, in a quiet demeanor.
  "It must be my heightened intellect".

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