Monday, October 07, 2013

Random conversations #2

"Do you believe in destiny?".
She asks.
"What do you mean?" I reply". Like when our lives have a definitive path?".
"Yeah!". She says, as she flicks the ashes of her cigarette, that in turn reverse course and end up on her right knee.
"Do you think that we have any say in how our lives ultimately end up?".
I think about this for a second, with the sounds of endless conversations surrounding us, only to be faintly muted by the cascading waters of the fountain from where we are currently sitting. We sit just on the very edge, as the pool glistens with the many wishes people have thrown in over the years.
"No actually! I don't. I do not believe in destiny. 'Cause that would mean that everything I have done is not my fault".
"So you say your hands would be proverbially tied for the entire journey towards the end?".
"I would say so! Yes!". I say, partially calling out.
"So a type of variation on the whole end justifies the means in a sense?".
"Not really. But if there is a end result mapped out for us, than the rest of our lives must as well be of the same nature, at least to an extent".
"So you don't think we were destined to be together than".
"If we were destined to be together". I repeat." Than that would mean I have no real free will. An if that's the case, what's the point of doing anything really".
"Well". She says." I think free will is just an illusion. Everything happens for a reason, at least that's the way I see it, makes life a bit more romantic, doesn't it?".
"I guess". I say.
"Its a nice thought, isn't it. That we were pulled together by some unseen force to be with each other".
"I don't mean any disrespect, but I just find that hard to believe!".
"Yeah". She tells me." But you never really were the romantic type, were you?".
"According to to this theory of yours, it doesn't really matter anyways". I say, as she just smiles, while putting out her cigarette with the heel of her shoe.

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