Monday, July 14, 2014

While the pillars of society drop beneath my feet.

"Have you ever been in love?" She says, as the waters crash, upon the sandy beach.
"Once."He sighs." Once."
"Well.. would you mind telling me about it?"
"Maybe." He says." Maybe."
"What happened." She asks, forming the contours of her brows into a ruffled state of confusion.
"Do you still think about her? Do you still love her?"
"What makes you so interested all of the sudden, especially now, after all this time?"
"I don't know."She says." I just saw you talking with that woman the other day, you seemed happy, content. That hasn't been like you as of late."
"Ahh!" He sighs, as if in a state of exasperated relief." You mean Ms Chancellor, from down the street. "
"Yeah, you two seemed to hit it off quite famously, is there a history there at all."
"No." He sighs, elongating the word into a mournful sigh." There is no history there."
"What was her name? The woman I mean, if you don't mind me asking?"
"It was Elizabeth." He says, as if taking in a breath of fresh air for the first time.
"Elizabeth was her name."
"Elizabeth." She repeats. "She sounds beautiful."
"She was, she was." He tells her, as though remembering a long forgotten memory of times past." She reminds me of her, to be honest." He says, cutting himself short, as though he may have momentarily lost control of what words he may have said next.
"So what happened?" She asks him." Why aren't you two still together."
"I did something." He says." That I am not proud of."
"What?" She asks, with an air of curiosity. "Did you cheat on her?"
"No no no, nothing like that. It was worse, far worse. "He pauses, as a bead of sweat frolics down the course of his furrowed temple.
"What was it than?" She mumbles, unsure if she should ask such a question.
"It was just.." He sighs, while the rumble of the ocean pours over each and every word he puts forth." I never treated her as I should have, like a woman, a jewel, a friend."
"How is that worse?" She asks.
"How is it not?"

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