Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tidbits of life #1

She speaks with a sarcastic grin, saying." Now don't fall apart on me". As she partially looks over towards me holding my chest." Its okay". Slight pause as she watches with those nervous, unbelieving eyes." Its fine, just a slight pain". She again smiles, grins.. than continues to watch the road ahead, eerily absent of life. Except a few cars that dash by in a apparent hurry to get killed off. Life has a tendency to do that, violently shake you in every direction it might see fit. But with that in mind, we still find ourselves leaving the comforts of home behind us, not thinking to much of the possible consequences. That (most possibly) would drive you mad, as any man might say." So..". I say, with apparent conviction." What is on the menu afterwards". She looks over, mid smile, not saying a word. As her eyes do say it all, without the need for the blessings of words. Or wondering for that matter.

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